Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You gave it a what?

Scion! Would have been earlier but my weekend activities tired me out more than I'd expected. Anyway, on Thursday the Scion campaign started for proper, and a right good time we had too. Keep reading after the break for the first chapter in the Legend of Vincent Jones.

And so the young Vincent Jones was sent away from his hometown of Cardiff where he had grown, and made his way by foot and thumb to London Town. On the way, he did receive a note, which he saw to be of divine providence, telling him instead to go to the small village of Graveside. So Vincent went to Graveside, where he did feel a force pulling him toward the local inn, wherein did lie five other mighty heroes, whom Vincent did know to be his companions for the coming journey.

There was solitary Samantha, daughter of Artemis and invisible to the mortal eye. She did skulk in the shadows in order to be best informed. Then there was Logan Grimnar the mighty, son of Thor and a blacksmith whose fury in battle was fearsome. There too was wise Krahon, son of the Atlantean god Kuros, who was a scholar and a marksman. With them also was wily Johnny Wong, son of the Chinese monkey god Sun Wukong, who like his father was a trickster and acrobatic fighter, wielding a mighty oriental sword. And finally there was Sean the unclean, son of the Irish Dagda and a formidable brawler, accompanied by his porcine companion Ham.

((There is another PC, but (a) the player might be leaving the game and (b) I honestly cannot remember a single thing about him. He maybe has guns? Anyway))

After meeting with these other heroes they were taken outside, where did appear a great pillar of earth and stone which rose unto the sky. And wise Krahon did see that there was lore of many societies carved upon its side, and Vincent did summon his Sprites of the Perfect Lotus to reveal what was on top of the spire. But before they could return to him, the pillar itself did fall with great speed back into the Earth, taking with it a blur of monochrome, the nature of which the Sprites could not confirm.

Within scant moments though, the Earth did burst open once more, and four soldiers of clay were revealed upon a small plinth that rose from the ground, ready to do battle. And indeed battle was joined! Mighty Logan did smash one soldier asunder with his great smithing hammer, and wily Johnny did cleave another in twain with his dao. Soon only dust and shards lay at the feet of the group of heroes, but the fight was not over yet.

Instead, the remains of those four soldiers came together, forming into a singular hulking form with no head and glowing sockets on its wide soldiers. It did charge at Vincent, who stopped it in its tracks with his feet on the ground and Logan at the brute's knee. Johnny stabbed the creature and Sean did carve deep into its shell, but the beast did not seem affected until a shot from Krahon's rifle shattered through it. It recovered however, and Vincent was given cause to raise his sword again. Once more did Johnny cut into it, scoring a gash between its legs, while Samantha scaled the side of the nearby inn.

Then did Logan and Vincent act in concert, hitting and slicing at its knees as one after the other they dashed between its knees and away to its side. As it was cripple the golem was toppled by a flying kick from Artemis' child, and prevented from rising by its loss of one leg, and Vincent's sword over it. Then Johnny did leap upon the blocking blade, springing up to fall heavily with his sword onto the beast. And the final blow was then dealt by wise Krahon, whose rifle shot right inside the beast through the entrance created by the monkey-like fighter.

In the aftermath of this, some remains were collected from the beast, and more drinks and food were had. And a stranger appeared, calling himself Daniel Yorubim son of the Voodoo god Shango and wearing a matching black glove and shoulder pad adorned with eyes and with evil demeanours. This unpunctual and unsettled man did join the heroes however, and they all made their way to London under instruction from Shango. Once there, Vincent did take charge, directing the group to Buckingham Palace, seat of the royal power in England.

With Johnny providing a distracting spectacle and Logan incapacitating a guard, the heroes did head into the Palace, where much chaos occured, a madness seeming to come over all as the Crown Prince appeared in a dress rather than the true Queen, and the heroes started wreaking havoc. Only Vincent had the strength of virtue to bring Order to the situation, and control was levied upon the group.

To be continued....

((I may or may not keep up this style. Depends (a) if people like it, (b) if I can be bothered.))

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