Saturday, June 6, 2009

Computer Game Mods and the Issues Surrounding Them.

No picture for this one, this is an essay I wrote as part of the last year's coursework, and figured I'd put up here now it's been handed in (ie finished). Fun fact: this was the first essay I'd written in almost 2 years. It's also shorter than my last blog post ^^; [EDIT And now it's after the break!]

Monday, June 1, 2009

Inside what?

So... I've kinda mostly stopped blogging, at least over summer. I'll post summaries of the last sessions of Mage and Naruto over the next week or so, but the Exalted game is being compiled into its own logs (which I'll go over at the end of the campaign and put somewhere then) and I'm not playing any other RPGs. Still playing WoW, and might post occassionally about that. [EDIT Wall-o-text rant after the break]